Dong Nai to develop community-based pomelo tourism

16:06, 21/03/2024

Dong Nai Province will develop community-based and agricultural tourism for Tan Trieu Island.

Tan Trieu Island in Vinh Cuu District’ Tan Binh Commune is the hub for a unique sweet pomelo variety that has leaves like oranges.

Under the plan, pomelo orchards in Tan Trieu will jointly form agricultural tourism products. Visitors will have opportunities to enjoy the unique culinary culture revolving around pomelos, explore the agricultural production activities of residents and buy valuable herbal products made from pomelos.

 Director of the Dong Nai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Le Thi Ngoc Loan, said the community-based tourism model linked with agriculture is expected to help increase local incomes and create favourable conditions for the development of other sectors.

The Tan Trieu Cultural Tourism Village is expected to be the first community-based tourism model in Dong Nai under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme, Loan noted.

Dong Nai is home to more than 1,500 hectares of pomelo trees with up to 1,000 hectares grown in Vinh Cuu District.

Tan Trieu pomelo comes in many kinds, each with its unique aroma and taste, but all of them are delicious thanks to the alluvial soil along the river.