Villagers supported after elephant rampage

05:02, 13/02/2021

More than 100 households in Dong Nai Province have received financial support after their crops and property were damaged by wild elephants.

illustrative image
illustrative image

On January 27, Dinh Quan District People's Committee announced that they will provide a grant to households that suffered damages. The money is from the district's budget and they have worked with the banks to distribute VND3.1bn (USD133,800). According to Dinh Quan authorities, since 2019, the elephants have damaged crops of 127 households in Thanh Son Commune.

The authorities will provide financial support worth 5-10% of the damaged crop if less than 70% of the household's fields for annual crops were damaged and 10-15% if over 70% of the fields were damaged. For perennial crops, farmers will get support of 15% if less than 50% of their fields were damaged and 30% support for over 50% damages. They will also get support that worth 30% of the value of the damaged tents and agricultural equipment.

The authorities and Agribank in Dong Nai agreed on January 27 to provide support to 124 households.

In July 2017, Dong Nai Forest Protection Department started running the 50km electric fence around Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve. It runs through Ma Da, Phu Ly communes in Vinh Cuu District and Thanh Son Commune in Dinh Quan District, separating the residential areas and the forest.

However, a 20km section of the electric fence hasn't been completed so the elephants could still enter residential areas to find food and went on a rampage.

On January 5, a local named Nguyen Trung Phuc was found unconscious near Road 761, surrounded by elephant footprints. He was quickly transferred to Vinh Cuu Medical Station. According to Dinh Quan Forest Protection Department, the area where Phuc was found does not have an electric fence.