Dong Nai to turn 2,000 hectares of rice into other crops

10:11, 28/04/2024

Dong Nai Province has unveiled a plan to convert over 2,000 hectares of land under rice cultivation into other crops due to water shortages.

A rubber tree planting project in Dong Nai Province – PHOTO: T. Dao
A rubber tree planting project in Dong Nai Province – PHOTO: T. Dao

The plan entails cultivating annual crops, perennial crops, and integrated rice-aquaculture, reported the local media.

The provincial government of Dong Nai has issued a directive outlining the plan for 2024, with over 750 hectares earmarked for annual crop cultivation, nearly 600 hectares for perennial crops, and around 60 hectares for a combination of rice farming and aquaculture.

The objective is to optimize land utilization efficiency, boost income for agricultural households, and align with the province’s agricultural development strategy. The move aims to diversify crop production and enhance economic efficiency.

The province said it would focus on maintaining conditions for potential rice re-cultivation, preventing land pollution, and ensuring adequate water availability, suitable climate conditions, and higher economic returns.

The local government plans to leverage scientific and technological advancements, utilize high-yield crop varieties, establish production and consumption linkages between enterprises, cooperatives, and farmers, and create specialized production zones tailored to specific crops.

Currently, Dong Nai Province boasts around 280,000 hectares of agricultural land, with 300 large-scale farms focusing on perennial crops such as rubber, cashew, black pepper, coffee, and durian.

According to its land use plan for the 2021-2030 period, Dong Nai aims to maintain over 15,400 hectares of rice land by 2030.