Chinese director of wood firm detained for boiler explosion

16:33, 04/05/2024

Feng Yong, Chinese male director of the wood processing firm in Dong Nai, where a boiler explosion killed six workers on May 1, has been detained for violations of management practices.

The boiler explosion killed six workers and injured five others
The boiler explosion killed six workers and injured five others

The police are waiting for the results of the accident report to add to the file before considering prosecuting the case. The investigating authorities initially assessed that the explosion was caused by a technical error in the boiler.

Binh Minh Wood Production and Trading Company, located in Thien Tan commune, Vinh Cuu district, has been in operation for a decade. The company processes and manufactures household wooden products and employs about 200 workers.

On the morning of the accident, 42 workers were on duty when an explosion in the boiler resulted in the deaths of six people, including one Chinese citizen. All were men aged 32-39. Five other workers were also injured.

A water tube boiler with a steam generation capacity of 1,000 kg/hour outside was next to the corrugated iron wall of the factory. There were technical problems and the company contacted the equipment supplier to inspect, maintain, and repair the boiler on April 30. The following day, as the workers started the boiler, it exploded.